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In our world,

  • The oceans are clean and free of plastic soup
  • There are sufficient jobs for all and no income inequality
  • Your religion or the color of your skin do not determine your chances for successful employment
  • You don’t have to breathe toxic fumes in order to have light or energy
  • Your hopes for a prosperous and happy life aren’t dependent upon where you were born.
  • Everyone has access to safe and clean drinking water
  • Companies offering clean solutions are the norm and not the exception
  • Interconnected and global citizens operate in a thriving circle economy
  • Everyone with great ideas can get access to credit to start or expand their business


We realize that YOU, the social enterprise, is creating this world and want to support you to get there.

At Social Enterprise Solutions, it is our mission to help you scale (internationally) so that you can make an even bigger difference in this world. In this journey, we need to be ambitious. The social and environmental problems out there simply demand us to be.

Together we can create a wave of social impact throughout the world!

Danny den Hartog
Founder and Owner of Social Enterprise Solutions

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