Invest in training entrepreneurs!

What can be more rewarding than helping to create more jobs in developing countries. Helping entrepreneurs help themselves by providing training and credit to successfully run and expand their businesses. Crowd-funding platform and social enterprise Lendahand is doing that.

I joined Lendahand in Jan’15 as a ‘lender’ and have since supported various entrepreneurs in The Philippines, Colombia and Ghana that wanted to expand their business. I will get 3-4% interest on my loan on yearly basis, much better than on a regular bank account.

I had never given much thought to ‘impact-investing’, thought this was only for ‘the happy-few’. I can say it makes you feel good to do something valuable with your savings. I guess most of us have savings which sit on a bank account getting 0,7-1% interest or something (at least here in Holland)? What a waste this is when on the other side of the world, so much can be done with this money. With 50 euros you can already support an entrepreneur and help to create jobs!

Below Youtube link gives you an idea how it works.

From 01-04 onwards, I will join the Lendahand Foundation. We have ambitious targets to create more social impact by providing training to entrepreneurs. I personally would very much welcome your support in terms of time, skills, network and your euros of course. We are developing corporate partnership opportunities as well as individual opportunities to sponsor training sessions on: financial management, product development and CSR. We’re also looking for experienced Board members for the Foundation.

Pls. contact me if you’re interested to join our movement! All details about Lendahand and its Foundation can be found via 

Getting excited? Following Youtube link nice introduces the Lendahand activities in The Philippines.